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For your information:


Check out

11.00 a.m. (room & house incl kitchen)


Please leave the key in your room door when you check out.


Smoking only allowed outside. You will finde ashtrays in front of all houses.


All our router names start with Holmvik Brygge. The pasword is : brygge2016

In Holmvik Brygge we have also a router called Coworking. The pasword here is: haveagoodday


Pets are not allowed in our houses. We have only one seperat apartment were we allow pets. Das hat nichts mit hygiäne zu tun. Es liegt einfach daran dass viele unserer Gäste sich unwohl fühlen, wenn Haustiere mit im Haus sind. Wir bitten das zu respektieren. Bei heimlich ins Haus geschmuggelten Tieren erheben wir eine Übernachtungsgebür von Nok 500,- pro Tier plus dass wir das Zimmer von einer Professionellen Firma auf Kosten des Kunden reinigen lassen.


Breakfast is included in your booking. We serve breakfast in our restaurant - unless otherwise agreed. The current breakfast times can also be found on your check in card.


(1.6-31.8) Our restaurant has varying opening hours. Depending on table orders. Our core opening hours in summer are 12.00 - 20.00 (with table order also later).

Outside summer we are only open on request


Do you need anything? Come to our reception and we will help you. Or call +47 95863866