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Vesterålen tours

Whales, Reindeer Sami farm, Husky, Eagles, Bout tours, Fishing, Salmon aquaculture

Vesterålen Tours
2017-01-2620:12 Erika Rozsova

We can book all of these activities for you and recommend the best place and time for you. Visit us in our reception or our restaurant for more information. Or tell us what you like to do when you  book your night at Holmvik Brygge.               


Whale safari

Season: summer

Place: Stø (30 min drive)

         or Andenes (2 h drive)


Reindeers and Sami Siida

Season: all year round, peak season summer and winter

Place: close to Sortland (85 min drive)                  


Husky farm

Season: programs all year round

Place: South Andøy (2h drive)                   



Season: winter but possible all year round

Place: Bø kommune (1.5 h drive)                            


Boat tours

Season: summer

Place: Nyksund (0 min drive)                     


Fishing tours

Season: summer

Place: Nyksund (0 min drive)

          or Bø Kommune (1.5 hour drive)                      


Aquaculture Center

Season: all year round

Place: Blokken (1.5 h drive)                       



Season: All year round

Place: Andenes (2 hour drive)