Queen hiking tour Dronningruta

From Nyksund to Stø around tour

Queen Hiking
2017-01-2620:11 Erika Rozsova

Hiking on the famous Dronningruta

From Nyksund to Stø (round-trip)

Dronningruta is one of the best known hiking trails in Vesterålen, but still far enough away to not be overcrowded. In older times, children had to walk this trail from Nyksund to get to their dormitory in Langenes. Since 1996, we have called this trail the Queen’s Route because the Norwegian Queen hiked it. Because of her visit there was developed a path over the mountain which made the hiking trail into a roundtrip.

The whole tour takes between 5-8 hours. The highest point is 450 meters and you will have an amazing view on your way. It is important to have good hiking shoes and you should have at least 1.5 l water with you.

Maps and more information are available at our reception.

Usually it is possible to walk on this trail from the end of May when the snow and ice disappears until late in the autumn. Many of our guests come to our place from Oslo or somewhere else in Norway just for the weekend to walk on this trail.

In summer a Water-Taxi is available to bring you back home after the halfway point (from Stø) if you do not want to walk the whole roundtrip. Guided tours are available by request. 

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