* Waste disposal

Waste disposal

We separate our waste. We do this not only because we have to because of our environmental certificate, but also because it is our personal concern.

We sort the following waste:

Green dot bag:

Organic waste. There can also be some napkins or tea bags. Please do not fill these bags too heavy / full, as they tear easily.

Green dot bag (left over from the restaurant):

In the dishwasher kitchen we separately collect the leftovers from our guests or what is to be thrown away from the buffet. These leftovers also go into the green bag, but must be collected separately. During the summer, everyone should work to minimise the amount of this type of waste. Tips and suggestions should be passed on to the manager

Compost (only for our restaurant):

If possible, collect as much organic waste as possible, as long as it does not contain meat and is not too liquid, separately in the small white buckets. When a bucket is full, the contents should be disposed of in our compost.

Chicken feed (only for our restaurant)

If you produce food with vegetable waste or bread leftovers, please also collect them in the small white buckets so that we can feed our chickens and rabbits.

Bag with purple dots 

Plastic of all kinds. But no latex or rubber. So rubber gloves from the restaurant. If possible, wash plastic cups clean.

Bag with blue dots: 

Paper and cardboard boxes. No dry paper or napkins. Only paper that can be recycled. Larger cartons should be collected separately or put in the appropriate bin in the restaurant.


There is a deposit on almost all beverage cans and bottles in Norway. We collect these separately in our rubbish room.

Glass and ceramics and metal (also crown caps from beer bottles)

we collect in the green folding boxes. We then dispose of these in the glass container outside Nyksund.

Electricity, batteries, paints and other liquids

These products are also collected separately in the waste room. These products can be collected together in one box.

Everything else belongs in white or transparent bags. If you use shopping bags, please turn them over so that the white inside is on the outside.

Tie the bags tightly. We collect the bags in the waste room in large transparent bags.



We will be judged on how much rubbish we can save each year. If you see a way to avoid waste, we would be grateful for your tips. Especially organic waste (and here leftover food from guests) should be minimised as much as possible.