Cleaning empoyee apartment

Cleaning empoyee apartment

Every day someone else is responsible for cleaning the staff flat. The flat does not always have to be tidy, but clean.

Only use your locker in the fridge. 

Wash your dishes immediately. If someone else has to wash your dishes, we charge a fee of Nok 250,-.

Keep the common areas clean and dry your laundry in the loft or in your room. Laundry left in the dryer or in the common areas will be disposed of without warning.

Sort your rubbish and dispose of it in the black bin in front of the house. Every second week, the dustbin must be taken to the street to be emptied. Find out about the emptying days

Keep the bathroom and toilet clean. You do not live here alone. If others have to clean up after you, we charge a cleaning fee of Nok 300,- for the bathroom.

Cleaning days /        room:
Monday                   Vest
Tuesday                   Nord* (only one day as long as you mainly use your own bathroom and kitchen)
Wednesday              Sør
Thursday                 Sør 
Friday                     Øst
Saturday                  Øst
Sunday                    Vest