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no go

We are a relatively liverale employer but there are a few things we take very seriously. So, please read this article very carefully.

Being late. This applies both at work and in private. You should be ready to work on time. This means that you should be ready to start work on time in your working clothes. Changing clothes is not working time even according to Norwegian labour law, but it is expected that you are ready for work on time. 

If we have an appointment for a shopping trip, I will leave on time. If you're not there, you're not coming. I will not wait.

Missing products: It happens again and again that we suddenly have no cleaning products, no sugar, no milk, no coffee etc. That doesn't have to happen. If you take the second last product from the store, you have to put it on the shopping list. For some products even earlier. But this is then also specially marked. Everyone will notice if you take something and then there is only one product left on the shelf. Those who are not able to do this will not have an easy time here. I respond very sensitively to such things, too.

Every house has its own dishes. It is an absolute NO GO to take dishes from one house or flat or restaurant to another. Sometimes restaurant guests manage to smuggle things out of the restaurant. Then the cleaning team has to make sure that it comes back. It is also not allowed to bring lunch on dishes from the staff apartment. Every year I find several forks, spoons, knives etc. in the restaurant that don't belong there. And it's a mystery to me how these things find their way into the restaurant. We have plastic boxes that you can use between the houses. Also when, for example, guests ask for some spices or flour or something like that. You can also bring your own lunch in these boxes.

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