Write you in, in the tax book at the beginning.
Then open the restaurant
-> see article "How to open the restaurant".

Please wear work clothes with the company logo

You are responsible for keeping the drinks fridges stocked. You are also responsible for the coffee machines, the cocoa machine and the juice dispensers.

Always keep the restaurant clean.

Always have salt, pepper and toothpicks on the tables. As well as disinfection.

Check with the chef if all the items on the menu can be ordered.

Be sure to prepare enough cutlery.

When guests arrive, they should only be served at the table. Orders at the counter should be avoided.

Politely ask guests who only want to "look" to leave. We are a restaurant and a museum.

Guests are welcome to recommend something. Ask the chef what you should recommend.

When the guests have ordered, serve the drinks first, then bring the cutlery.

When the food is served, ask if everything is ok after about 5 minutes.

If it is not ok, try to satisfy the customer. You can offer free coffee or even cake. We can exchange the food. But if the guest has already eaten everything, he has to pay. A lot is up to you. The customer should have a good experience, but we don't let ourselves be priced out.

Wash the dishes as soon as possible. There can always be a surprise arrival of a large group and then you don't have time to wash the dishes.

Support the cook in the kitchen. He will also help you with the dishes.

Keep the toilet clean.

When there is not much going on, look at the menu and make sure you understand everything. Also learn our wine list.

Familiarise yourself with the cash register.

When there are no guests, there is always something to clean in the restaurant or the cook may need help.

At the end of your shift you have to fill in an online form (clean lunch / cleaning evening). You always hand over the restaurant clean to the next team.

If you are in the evening team, read the article "How to open the restaurant" on how to close it properly in the evening.


What to use for cleaning:

Grønsåp: Floor and table

Desinfection: Table, Bar, Salart desk, All servingareas

D7.1: All metallic surfaces

Fettløser/Kjøkkensprey: Oven, sink

Use D9 or D3 for heavy soiling. Read the instructions for use and wear gloves. Only with the agreement of the boss.

Flushing agent (e.g. Zalo) : Cupboard doors, fridge doors, microwave, etc.


Dishwasher: When the water becomes cloudy, it must be changed. Always add 1/2 cup of dishwasher detergent with each water change. Always wash cutlery twice.


Work surfaces in the kitchen: Disinfect after cleaning ( D10). Wipe with a wet sponge and after a few minutes rinse with fresh water and dry.


Floor : Spray with fat detergent. Then spray with a water hose. Mix Grønn såpe with water and scrub the floor. Then scrape dry.