if something went wrong

When something goes wrong:

The most important thing is always to write down your error and send it by email or Whats app to Ssemjon Gerlitz. / +47 95863866


Fridge wrong temperature
The temperature should always be between -1C and +4C. If the refrigerator does not maintain the temperature it is defective and cannot be used any further. Please inform the management. Check if the products are still good and immediately distribute them to other refrigerators. For products that generally do not require refrigeration (e.g. drinks), there is no need to be in a hurry at first, but in the long term something should be changed here.

Freezer wrong temperature
The freezers must be at least -18C or colder. If problems occur, the temperature may rise to -13 C for a maximum of 3 hours. After that, the product is considered spoiled and must be disposed of. If a freezer cannot maintain the temperature, the frozen food must be distributed to other freezers and the freezer must be replaced. As a general rule, different foods such as meat and fish should not be placed in the same freezer.


Products about the date
Products over their expiry date must not be used and must be disposed of. However, it is our endeavour as an environmentally certified company to never let it come to that. Therefore, the truths must be checked regularly. If necessary, products can be frozen to make them last longer.



Injury with cleaning agents
In the restaurant next to the cake counter there is a blue folder with a description of all the cleaning agents used in our business. Everyone should have a look at this folder during working hours. In case of injury, call 113 and mention the relevant product. If the injury is not serious, treat the wound with the available medical material and consult a doctor if necessary. Report the incident to management immediately.

General injuries
Treat simple injuries yourself, but be sure to let us know. Why did the injury occur and how could it be prevented?

Machine broken
Only try to repair a machine if you REALLY know how to do it. Otherwise, do not use the machine until it is repaired. If this makes it impossible to make products, then so be it. Be creative to give the guest alternatives


Dishwasher broken.
Dishes must be washed by hand. In any case, after washing, take a shower on the hottest setting. Glasses and cutlery must be soaked in water and soaking powder for a while. Otherwise there is a risk of bacteria surviving and infecting other guests.

Power failure
Check if only one fuse has blown. If so, switch it on again. If it happens again, switch off the affected appliances one by one until the fuse holds. If it is not the fuse, check if the whole place is without power. In this case, provide the guests with electric lights and wait until the power comes back. If you still cannot find a reason for the power failure, check the building to see if there is a fire somewhere. Inform the boss.


Wc not working
Offer the guests the toilet in the guest house. INform the manager immediately. He will take the necessary steps.