how to open and how to close

How do I open the restaurant:

-Key from key box
-Light on in the restaurant (inside next to the door)
-Loudspeaker on
-Check that the coffee machine is filled
-Turn on the hot chocolate mashine machine (venting with button 1)
-Switch on the stirrer of the juice machine (at the back left, second switch)
-Turn on lights at breakfast buffet (one plug, one switch)
-Turn on lights behind the bar (light switch above the first aid panel in the cleaning kitchen.
-Registrate yourself in the tax-book
-Switch on light in the cleaning kitchen (above the passage to the kitchen).
-Switch on dishwasher (button on the far right)
-Switch on the light in the kitchen (first of the three light switches).

After everything is prepared and the guests can come:
Put candles on the tables and 2 candles in the big window.
Switch on the 3 lamps in the entrance area and the outside lamps at the light switch.

Hang up the flag, except at breakfast, but then hang it up later at the start of lunch.

Make sure the restaurant is warm. (Set the heat level higher or lower).
Turn on the coffee machine behind the bar


How do I close the restaurant?

-Put the flag in (Open sign goes out automatically)
-Clean everything, see the cleaning list in the restaurant.
-Check off the cleaning list and take a photo.
-Collect candles
-Cover the cakes in the cake counter.
-Make sure that no food is left lying around
-Leave the kitchen clean (no unrinsed dishes).
-Empty rubbish bags and take them to the rubbish room.
-Fill up with new bin liners
-Take old glass/bottles... to the waste room
-Check that all machines are off.
-Switch off the music (switch off the sockets) / switch off the loudspeakers (switch on the left   behind the box)
-Fill the hot chocolatemashine with water and switch it off.
-Juice machine switch off the blender
-Turn down coffee machine behind the bar (takes long time - follow instruction)

-If possible, write a list for breakfast: of how many guests come for breakfast

-Fill out the cleaningform "cleaning evening" make sure that you done everythin what is written here.  

-Sign out from the tax book
-Turn off all lights. Also outside lights
-Lock up and put the key back in the key box.