* Enviromental protection

Enviromental protection


We are an environmentally friendly company. And we want to keep this startus and even get better. This only workes when everybody who is working for Holmvik Brygge helps us. It is very important that you are following the rouls for sorting the garbage. THis should to happen because of a pressure from us, but it should be your own intrest. If you have any idea how we can get even better to protect the nature, write it to us, use the form in the office under the printer of just send en e-mail to post@nyksund.com.

Specialy in the restaurant do we want to waste as less food as possible. We are always open for suggestions.

But it starts also already in the office that we reuse papers and do not print out everything.

Take care that garbage do not finde its way in the nature and try to keep the area arround our guesthouses clean.

Use as less cleaning-chemical as possible and handle them with care.

Swith off all light, mashines and so on if they are not in use for a longer time

Kitchen: try to use all food, e.g. as a special offer of the day, before we have to throw it away.

It must be the basic thinking of all we are doing: how can i reduce garbage and how can we get more environmentall friendly.

We need your help and the help of our guests