CSR – report


Holmvik Brygge recruiting practice is to look international for employees
to cover our needs of an international team to meet our international guest. The
payment and treatment of our employees is equal and do not depend on the
nationality of the individual. Our employees are working in a team and it is very
imported for us to have a good atmosphere in this team. We pay our stuff after the labor agreement wich is usual in our industry. Our “HMS”-system and our “working-place description” was send to the authority and did not get any comments or recommendations for changings. We try as good as possible to choose our delivery companies also after the way they are treat their employees. Working conditions: We work to create optimal working conditions for our employees. We actively work on inclusion programmes for our employees.

Purchasing strategy:
Our company prefers to buy products or purchase items from local, environmentally certified companies. The products we purchase should also be environmentally certified or have the least possible negative impact on nature. We do not use any food in our restaurant that is on the WWF's red list.

Environment protection:
Holmvik Brygge has a big focus on the environment. We
have develop an own system to collect, reduce and handling of garbage. We
prioritize environmental certified companies and products and work our self forward
to get a certification ourselves

Environmental responsibility:
Holmvik Brygge has a big focus to use local companies and local products. We are involved in the most joint projects in the area and we work to present the local history to our guests.
Holmvik Brygge works against corruption and we inform also our
delivery companies and employees about it..
Human rights:
Our employees have the rights to practice their relishes live and their
ideology as long as they are not interfering with the needs of the other employees,
our guests or the ethical guidelines of Holmvik Brygge. We are not planning to invest in countries or companies who are not protecting (this) human rights.
Social responsibility:
Holmvik Brygge has a own budget (min 1% of the gross
income) to support non-profit organization or sport-clubs
Nyksund 20.12.2022