* Fire and emergencies

Fire and emergencies

It is very important that all overnight guests are registered in our booking system with their name and telephone number.
In the event of a fire, this ensures that all guests have left the building.

At the car park there is an assembly point "Møteplass" where guests and staff can gather in case of evacuation.

There are warning waistcoats in the office, in the laundry room of Holmvik Brygge and in the restaurant. In case of fire or other reasons for evacuation, the staff should put on the nearest waistcoat and actively evacuate the building without putting themselves in danger.

The fire brigade (110) must be notified. We are in Nyksund, Øksnes kommune, in Holmvik Brygge.

If possible, save a PC, as our booking programme is installed there.

Remember where the fire extinguishers are or the fire hoses. See how they work. If possible, fight the fire yourself with a fire extinguisher or a fire blanket.

There is a CO2 extinguisher in the restaurant. Only with this can a grease fire in the kitchen be fought.

Look for yourself in your daily work if you see places where there is a risk that a fire can break out. Report this immediately to the company management.

Important: Do not talk to the press. In case of accidents, all information should only be passed on by the police. This prevents misinformation. This is especially important when lives are at risk. Relatives should not be misled by contradictory statements. Therefore, once again: Do not talk to the press.