* Staff accomodation

Staff accomodation

Rental agreement



Gerlitz Eiendom.
PB338 Nyksund – 8439 Myre

Nyksund ___.____.2022


  1. apart from the tenant, no other persons may use the room for overnight stays. Visitors need extra permission.


  2. the room will be handed over clean and must be returned in the same condition.

  3. the beds are freshly made. For each rented bed there are 2 sets of bed linen and 2 pairs of towels (2 large and 2 small). When moving out, the bed must be freshly made up and the towels must also be complete and washed.

  4. it is not allowed to hang anything on the walls without permission. Do not drive screws or nails or tape anything to the walls.

  5. in the communal fridge and freezer, only the compartment belonging to you may be used. This must be handed over completely empty when you move out. If there is a private refrigerator in the room with a freezer compartment, this must also be completely emptied and clean when you move out.

  6. only your own shelf in the common room may be used for storing food. No food may be stored in other places in the common room. The flat "North" is only allowed to store food in its own flat

  7. no furniture may be taken from the rooms or added to them. The same applies to the common rooms. 

  8. the rules of the house and the cleaning rules must be observed.

  9. each tenant receives a key. This must be returned when moving out.

  10. deposit: The tenant gives the "Feriepenger" of Holmvik Brygge & Discover Vesterålen AS as a deposit and authorises Holmvik Brygge & Discover Vesterålen to pay the deposit to Gerlitz Eiendom in the amount of any damage that may be necessary.


  11. damages in the room must be reported immediately.

  12. cleaning products (not washing machine products) are provided by the landlord to ensure that there are always enough cleaning products to keep the rented accommodation clean. Rubbish bins must be organised by the tenant. It is compulsory to separate rubbish and dispose of it in the appropriate rubbish bin. See house rules. If the rubbish bin is not emptied due to non- separation of rubbish, the costs incurred will be passed on to the responsible party.

  13. the monthly rent is Nok ______________,-.

  14. one room is rented for one person only O one room is shared with one other person

  15. the room includes the following common rooms: O kitchen- living room O bathroom O washing machine

  16. ___ room keys ___ flat keys ___ house keys will be handed over.

  17. rent is due at the end of the month and may be collected from the employer if necessary.

  18. unless otherwise agreed, the rent will be paid via a payment link sent to you.

  19. The room is rented from _______________ to ________________





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