Field of responsibility

Before you start:

Register your name in the registration book.

Follow the rules of IKMat. That just meens you should handel the food prosessional

Agree with the waiter who is responsible for what (cleaning, checking temperature and so on)

The cook is responsible for the kitchen. He/She has to prepare the shopping list (we are going shopping only 2 times a week). He/She has to make sure that at all time all dishes on the menu can be served. He/She is responsible that the kitchen is clean all the
time and that there is no spoiled food in the kitchen. He/she has also to bake bread for the breakfast guests) or teach other to do it. But he/she is responsible that the work will be done He/She has to bake cakes too.
The cook is also responsible to clean the frying pans and pots.
The cook has to prepare the dishes in the way how it was
shown to him. If the cook likes to do something different, he/she has to
ask before.

The food should be designed in a largely universal way. This means gluten-free and lactose-free as far as possible. Even if it is not listed on the menu, it must always be possible to order a vegan or vegetarian meal.

We do not use any ready-made meals or chemical flavour enhancers. The food should be as natural as possible.

We want to throw as less food away as possible. The cook has to have this in mind by preparing the food. He/She has to discuss with the waiter to reduce the amount of food waste.
Before closing the restaurant in the evening, the cook has to
clean the kitchen. It is the responsibility of the cook that all machines are clean at all time.