Every morning there is a cleaning list in the office. Here it is written which rooms are to be cleaned and where we get new guests.

Unless otherwise stated, each room is to be finished as a double room.

Rooms that are booked on the same day are to be heated up and the bedside lights are to be switched on.

Rooms that are not booked: All heaters off here and all lights too. In rooms/apartments with water supply (e.g. with bath or toilet), set the temperature to frost protection in winter (there is a switch on the heating). And leave the door to the bathroom open so that it is also heated.
Always lock the rooms and hang the key in the reception.

Each house (Holmvik Brygge, Holmvik Sjøhus, Hiking Club) has its own cleaning cloth and linen storage. Please keep this stock filled up but do not exchange anything between the houses. So no hoover or cleaning cloths.

Applies to all rooms / flats

Change bed linen
Empty the rubbish bin and remove everything from the room that does not belong there. Separate rubbish if possible. The guest rubbish bins should be separated for paper and plastic if possible. Read articles on waste recycling. Guests like to leave their check-in slips or other flyers osv.
Also check if the guests have forgotten something. Sometimes we can still call them and they come to pick it up. Otherwise we have a "Lost and Found" box in the office.

Room cleaning. Windows, window sills, cupboards as needed. Wet or dry the floor as needed.

Holmvik Brygge rooms: Remove guest name from door and write new name if necessary.

Rooms with bathroom: Clean the bathroom, always have a roll of toilet paper hanging and a new roll in the cupboard. Do not forget a floor mat in the bathroom and an extra towel for your hands. Clean everything spotlessly. Watch out for hair in the floor/shower.

Bevor Du das Zimmer abschliesst, checke ein letztes mal, das alles ok ist.

Kontrolliere das Zucker, Milchpulver und Kaffee aufgefüllt ist. Putze die Küchenzeile inklusive Mikrowelle, Wsserkocher, Kaffeemaschine. Schaue auch in den Küchlschrank und in den ofen ob dort alles sauber ist. Lege ein neues Handtuch und Spühllappen zur Spühle. Wenn das Appartment lange nicht gebucht ist, dann schalte den Kühlschrank aus und lasse die Tür offen.
(Unser Lager befindet sich im Kasten neben dem Zimmer Mælen. Die Bettwäsche ist im Serviceraum unter dem Apartment Mælen.

White house:
Clean all common rooms. Floor, windows etc. Check the sauna for used towels or bathrobes. Water the flower(s). Clean the kitchen and empty the rubbish. The rubbish collection point is in the basement (through the kitchen and down the stairs).
Check the dishwasher. Check that there is enough dishwasher detergent and cleaning agent. Check and refill the coffee, tea, sugar and milk powder. The store is behind the kitchen, left door. Check the fridge and turn it off if we don't have guests for a long time (leave the door open). Also check the dishes in the cupboards to make sure they are clean (some guests put back dirty dishes). Also check the entrance area to make sure it is clean.