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Hiking and Service

Dronningruta, Nyken, Høydal and Myetind, Klø. Møysalen.....

Vesterålen is known for its good hiking trails. Dronningrututa is perhaps one of the most known walking trails in Norway. And this trail starts right at our doorstep. (More about Dronningruta / Queensroad). Many short and longer trails start from Nyksund and the nearby area.  Some of them are also wheelchair accessible.

More and more hikers are using Holmvik Brygge as their base and we are prepared for this. We have maps and good advice for our guests and if necessary also a backpack for rent. Hikers can prepare their lunch package (to take away) from our breakfast buffet or borrow a thermos-can full of tea or coffee.

Our trails are safe but anyway you can leave your telephone number at our reception and we will wait for your arrival as your backup. If you had a rainy or wet day you can dry your clothes and shoes in our drying-room and on our dry-shoes-stative. After a long walk in our nature we will always have a late dinner available in our restaurant. We like to enjoy our nature and we like to show you our best hiking places.

 Guides are also available by request.