The Main Building

Holmvik Brygge


  • Parking directly outside the premises (on request)
  • 14 steps down to the entrance 
  • Entrance door: 97 cm 
  • Bathroom door: 71 cm 
  • Bathrooms don't conform to international accessibility standards
  • Shared bathroom 
  • Size of lavatories: 1,20m x 2,20m, door width 75 cm 
  • Shower room sizes: 1,00m x 2,50, door width 66 cm
  • Different types and sizes of rooms available, both double and twin bedrooms 
  • Width of room doors varies between 68-78 cm
  • Steep spiral staircase (90cm wide) down to the shared kitchen and common rooms
  • 2 rooms with private toilet (door width: 70cm, bathroom door: 60cm), which can be accessed through a separate entrance (75cm), avoiding the spiral staircase. This separate entrance is 13 steps up from the quay
  • Door lock with code system. The digits can be difficult to read for some
  • Rooms are clearly labeled with names (not numbers) on the doors

Holmvik Brygge is our main building. Located on the hillside and divided into two floors. To get to the top floor, you need to go down a flight of stairs. The steps are higher than average. The entrance door of Holmvik Brygge is 97 cm wide. You enter on the top floor where most of the rooms are located. The average room door is 70 cm wide. All rooms are designed and equipped differently. The narrowest beds are 60 cm, a standard bed 90 cm wide. We have two rooms with bunk beds where the lower bed is 1.20 meters wide. One room has a double bed of 1,50 m x 2,00 m.

The rooms have shared showers and toilets. The lavatories are relatively small. Shower rooms are long and equipped with a sink and shower cabin.

To access the common areas (kitchen and living room) you have to go down a steep spiral staircase (90 cm wide). The kitchen door has a width of 87 cm. On this floor, there are also two rooms with their own toilet, but no shower facilities. These rooms are also accessible through a 75cm wide door from the outside stairs (13 steps up from the quay), so you can avoid using the inner spiral staircase.

Gustav Panelli
Holmvik Brygge
Stairs to the entrance
Room door
Toilet doors
Spiral staircase
Possible outside entrance to the rooms with private bathroom