Our Studio Apartments

Holmvik Sjøhus


  • Parking available outside (on request)
  • Threshold, otherwise no barriers 
  • Entrance doors: 55-80 cm 
  • Bathroom door: 60 cm
  • Bathrooms don't conform to international accessibility standards
  • Bathroom dimensions: 2m x 1m  
  • Size of apartments: 13 m2
  • Bed: 1,20m x 2,00m, hight: 60 cm

Holmvik Sjøhus consists of 3 studio apartments. Each apartment has its own separate entrance with a threshold or a single step at the door, otherwise the apartments are relatively easy to enter. The doors are 80 cm wide. One apartment has a usable door width of only 55 cm. Inside the apartments, there is a 1.20 meter wide and 2.00 meter long bed with a height of 60 cm. The bathroom has a 60 cm wide door with a standard toilet and a shower cabin. The bathroom is 1 meter wide and 2 meters deep. The apartment is 13m2 in size.

Gustav Panelli
Gustav Panelli
Inside the apartment