General Information



  • Parking directly outside the premises (on request)
  • Hilly terrain
  • No entirely barrier-free accommodation (see Apartments for our most accessible option) 
  • Restaurant can be reached without barriers using the 200m long quay
  • Helpful staff
  • Digital menu available via mobile or tablet
  • Clear signage of rooms

Welcome to Holmvik Brygge.

Holmvik Brygge is located on the second of the two islands that form Nyksund. There is limited parking available directly outside the premises. If you require parking in front of the building, please notify us in advance so we can reserve a spot for you. There is additional parking available in 3-10 minutes walking distance. We can reserve a spot big enough to unload a wheelchair for you, if you let us know in advance. 

Please note that the island is very hilly. Our apartments are the best choice for people who have difficulty using stairs. Both Holmvik Brygge and Nyksund Hiking Club have very steep stairs connecting the floors. You can access our restaurant barrier-free, using the 200m long quay. Because of the history of our buildings, non of the bathrooms, toilets and shower rooms conform to international accessibility standards. 

The reception is clearly signposted. In case the reception is not manned, you can call a member of staff. We are always happy to assist you with anything you may need. We accompany all our guests from check-in to their rooms. The rooms are spacious and room names are clearly written on the doors. We have a fire detection system that raises an (acoustic) alarm. In case of an emergency, our staff check all rooms. 

We are trying to provide as much detail as possible, but are always happy to hear your suggestions and feedback on how we can provide even better information. 

Ssemjon Gerlitz

Stairs to the restaurant
Gustav Panelli
Parking space
GUstav Panelli
The reception is directly accessible from the car park