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About our history

2017-01-2802:11 Erika Rozsova

We are Ssemjon and Erika and we would like to welcome you to Ungsmoløya, the second island of Nyksund.

For a long time it has been our wish to live near the Arctic Circle and now we can fulfill our dream here. Nyksund is a place which gives us peace, power, happiness and a lot of adventure. We want to share all of this with  our guests.

We have restored our main guesthouse step-by-step. A visit takes our guests back in time to when Nyksund was one of the most important fishing villages on the Vesterålen. Here you will experience history, while still enjoying the amenities of modern life.

After we finished our historical guesthouse project, we started with a new one. We built our Apartments. They have a modern interior, but also fit in to village culture. So, we can offer our guests two very different varieties of accommodation.

While working with our clients, we learned that people are very interested in the history and culture around us, so we opened a guide service. Today we are happy to provide all of our guests with up-to-date tourist information about our Nordic area as well as share our personal experience and cultural knowledge.

We wish you a nice and comfortable stay.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Ssemjon and Erika